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Frequently Asked Customer Questions

Can I have a copy of the report?

This depends on your Lender. Some particular Lenders let you have a copy of the report, especially if you are a purchaser but you might not get it if you are remortgaging. This is because our agreement to carry out the mortgage valuation is with the Lender, even if you have made a payment to Metropolis Surveying Services directly.

Check with your Lender if you need a copy of their report.

Can the valuer just increase the valuation a little to allow my case to proceed?

The valuation can be reviewed at the lender's request or as a result of a complaint if there is a genuine discrepancy; we are unable to amend a valuation to facilitate an application, even by a small amount.

How does the valuer decide what the value of my property is?

Our valuers form a professional opinion of value by sourcing similar properties that have been sold or let as appropriate in your area, within the last six months (where possible). The comparables are then analysed in relation to similarities and differences, then an opinion of value is formed. Positive and negative factors are considered in relation to matters such as location, size and condition.

The same process is adopted for purchase, remortgage, further advance and rental valuations.

How is my data protected? ISO 9001

All data gathered throughout an application is held securely and is not released into the public domain. Metropolis Surveying Services holds the ISO 9001 accreditation and awareness programme, so your data is safe with us and will never be released to any third party.

Read More about ISO 9001

My valuation is not what I expected, what do I do?

If a valuation is returned to a Lender and you do not agree with its conclusion, you must first discuss this with your Lender who will be able to advise you on the appropriate course of action.

How long does the valuation take?

The time spent on site largely depends on the property type, overall size and general condition. A valuation inspection for mortgage lending purposes is a walk through of the property by an experienced professional. It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

When will the inspection be carried out?

This can depend on a number of contributing factors, such as availability of valuers, but our dedicated team, based in our Head Office in Hertfordshire, will ensure that your inspection will be carried out in a timely manner and make every best effort to accommodate both vendor and applicant.

Where does the valuer obtain the comparable sales data?

Our valuers obtain comparables from a variety of sources including Rightmove. We utilise a Surveyors Comparable Tool (SCT) to help source suitable comparable evidence to support an opinion of value. The tool also provides a comprehensive collation of data including the sales history of a property, HMLR (HM Land Registry) data and maps. 

What type of survey do I need?

We carry out different types of surveys – get in touch either by calling us or completing the Quote Request form and we can discuss the best option for your circumstances.

Can I discuss the mortgage valuation with the surveyor?
We would typically refer you back to the lender to discuss their report and the content. The report is written for their purposes therefore they are best to interpret it.
They will be able to help you, and if not will refer the matter back to us. This is important as it helps the lender keep track of all queries so that they can improve their performance and in turn, ours as third party suppliers. We have no barriers to a complaint policy and we will always take your call/email and details but we’ll need to liaise with our client lender in the first instance as to whether or not we are able to help.